German-Polish Education Bridge

With bended knee in front of the memorial for the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Chancellor Willy Brandt made history in December of 1970 by ushering in the reconciliation between the people of Poland and Germany. In the meantime, a young generation has grown up on both sides of the Oder and Neisse unburdened by the consequences of both world wars and the cold war; they now maintain a relationship based on friendship. In the new "House of Europe" students, parents and teachers would like to contribute to overcoming barriers and to living together as a community.  In particular along the Oder and Neisse border, we have been called on to create a joint living space for ourselves and future generations.

Since 2003, the Stift Neuzelle Foundation and the governing independent body of the upper secondary school/secondary school in Stift Neuzelle, Dr. Rahn & Partners Schools Private Non-Profit Independent Schools GmbH, have been pursuing the joint objective of breathing new life into the longstanding educational and cultural tradition of the Neuzelle Monastery by realizing the idea and spirit of the European idea in an exemplary fashion. This includes the operation of an upper secondary school and secondary school with a German-Polish focus in Neuzelle and the expansion of the cross-border collaboration with partner schools in Zielona Góra governed by the independent body of the European Foundation for Education and Culture.

The development of the Education Bridge between the upper secondary school and secondary school in Stift Neuzelle, as well as the Europejskie Gimnazjum Spoleczne dr Rahn and the Europejskie Liceum Spoleczne dr Rahn in Zielona Góra are designed to contribute to the infrastructural and institutional prerequisites needed to create a lasting exchange between students and teachers, as well as promoting a lively exchange of knowledge.